Heating Oil Pre-Buy

It's one and done until next summer when you take advantage of our pre-buy plan.

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If you are looking for a quick transaction that will have you covered throughout the winter this is it. Our pre-buy program is straightforward. You tell us how many gallons you want to buy. We tell you what the price will be (often the best lock-in price we will offer all year long) and create a contract that both parties will need to sign. Once the contract is signed and the payment for all gallons purchased has been received in full you are all set through May 31st of the following year.


We will put you on automatic delivery at the contract price and we will lock in our own contract with our suppliers to ensure the gallons committed to you will be available throughout the heating season. Also, we will track the number of gallons you have purchased throughout the heating season, and if we see you are going to come up short we will call you to determine what you would like us to do. Several options exist if you ever find yourself in that position. Our recommendation to avoid that scenario is to purchase a bit more than you think you will need. We can always roll the credit balance over into next year’s plan!


Finally, if you like the idea of pre-buy but do not have the funds to purchase all the fuel needed for the year we can still work with you. Many folks have pre-bought what they could afford upfront and set a budget up to cover the remainder. It works great and is just another example of how flexible we are in tailoring a plan to meet your needs!


It’s one and done until next summer when you take advantage of our pre-buy plan.


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